We offer a range of AquaKat devices/products for your water vitalisation and purification.

The device required depends on the litres/day usage and the specific application. More information on each device is below, please feel free to contact us if you need assistance selecting your device.

Household & commercial/industrial applications:

AquaKat S

Water volume: 100 L/day

Single taps, showers, mobile usage.

For at-home use or take this lightweight device with you for travel (use in hotels, at friends, caravans, camping etc).

AquaKat 1”

Water volume: 2,000 L/day

Apartments, small homes, commercial/industrial applications, spa pools.

AquaKat L

Water volume: 3,000 L/day

Family homes, commercial/industrial applications.


AquaKat 2”

Water volume: 12,000 L/day

Larger family homes, commercial/industrial applications, swimming & spa pools.

Accessory Products:

AquaKat Disc

Portable AquaKat disc/coaster for water vitalisation and purification on-the-go.

For use with glasses of water, water bottles, jugs etc. Water vessel can be sat on the disc or the disc can be curled up and placed in the vessel.

AquaKat Water Bottle

600ml capacity lightweight aluminum drinking water bottle.

Specifically made with the benefit of AquaKat technology within, revitalising and purifying tap water to natural spring water.

Sanviaqua Large Disc

Great for coffee machines, kettles and large water containers. Suitable for hot and cold beverages and large water containers like water coolers.

Ideal for home use, traveling/camping.

Larger volume commercial/industrial/agricultural applications:

The AquaKat 8+ unit is available for larger volume applications.

AquaKat 8+ = 175,000 L/day (175 m3/day)
AquaKat 8+ Plus 1 Module = 350,000 L/day (350 m3/day)
AquaKat 8+ Plus 2 Modules = 600,000 L/day (600 m3/day)
AquaKat 8+ Plus 3 Modules = 1,000,000 L/day (1,000 m3/day)
AquaKat 8+ Plus 4 Modules = 1,500,000 L/day (1,500 m3/day)

Consisting of 8 attached modules (with the capacity for up to 4 additional modules to be added), this device provides exceptional additional benefits of application for large residential properties, commercial and industrial applications. Also well suited for use in agriculture, with livestock and plant cultivation.

AquaKat 8+ is made of titanium, is splash water-proof, maintenance free and does not incur any further operating costs.

The device can be fitted on all pipe materials - a 25 cm long, straight and free pipe segment is sufficient for the installation. The AquaKat is attached on the water pipe without any intervention to the pipe system. It must be installed after filters, water meters and electronic devices.

Swimming Pools:

The below table is a guide only - please contact us for your specific requirements

Water VolumeNumber of AquaKats®
Up to 30,000L (30m³)1x AquaKat - 2" Device
Up to 60,000L (60m³)2x AquaKat - 2" Device
Up to 90,000L (90m³)3x AquaKat - 2" Device
Above 90,000LBy Application and Consultation
aquakat before pool


aqk after pool


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