AquaKat SIGG Water Bottle 600ml

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600ml capacity lightweight aluminum drinking water bottle.

World famous Swiss made SIGG bottle, specifically manufactured with the benefit of AquaKat technology within – revitalising and purifying tap water to natural spring water, plus eliminating the energy matrix of fluoride, chlorine and chemicals in the water.

BPA- and phthalate-free, as well as free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Excellent durability and performance characteristics and comply with EU directives and FDA guidelines.  

All AquaKats come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

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Weight 0.425 kg
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Bottle with Screw Top Lid, Bottle with Pop Up Lid

2 reviews for AquaKat SIGG Water Bottle 600ml

  1. Margarite Bubb

    My hubby just loves the Aquakat water bottle.
    Because he is a Tradie he is forever getting his drinking water from the work site tap and the chlorine in itself can blow you away but when he puts it in the Aquakat water bottle it transforms into the best tasting water. At first he was very skeptical but now he says, “Well the taste buds don’t lie and the water taste great.”” No chemical taste what so ever.
    And because there is no fiters or cartridges to replace its just one price and thats it.
    Thats what I like about it.
    Definitely recommended. 5*

  2. Kath Dewar

    As part of undertaking a project with AquaKat I trialled the Water Bottle and my initial sceptism was defeated by the simple fact the water from it does taste better. Even in a blind taste test! I have found myself strongly preferring to drink water from our tap out of the bottle rather than a glass because of the improved taste. I’m now looking into an AquaKat to fit to the tap.

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