AquaKat 8+ (and additional modules)


Water volume: 175,000 L/day. Effective reach distance 800 m. Shipped weight ~4 kg. Expandable by adding additional Modules (max. 4 additional) or further expandable by adding full units.

Consisting of 8 attached modules (with the capacity for up to 4 additional modules to be added), this device provides exceptional additional benefits of application for large residential properties, commercial and industrial applications. Also well suited for use in agriculture, with livestock and plant cultivation.

AquaKat 8+ is made of titanium, is splash water-proof, maintenance free and does not incur any further operating costs.

The device can be fitted on all pipe materials – a 25 cm long, straight and free pipe segment is sufficient for the installation. The AquaKat is attached on the water pipe without any intervention to the pipe system. It must be installed after filters, water meters and electronic devices.

Modules to increase volume capacity are available for $3,550.00.

All AquaKats come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty, will last 15+ years and we offer a 30 day money back if not satisfied as long as not physically damaged.


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