The revolutionary patented technology of AquaKat is truly unique and comes with many advantages, so how does it work?

WATER TICK (70 x 70 px) (50 x 50 px)
AquaKat is a physical water treatment device which emits a previously programmed and charged frequency into the water. A system that re-vitalises water, optimising quality and taste.
WATER TICK (70 x 70 px) (50 x 50 px)
The AquaKat relies on resonance. Water has a memory, can respond to certain frequencies, and can store and process these. Penergetic patented technology copies the frequencies of high-quality spring water, oxygen and minerals on to carrier materials. These carrier materials are then encased within the AquaKat.
WATER TICK (70 x 70 px) (50 x 50 px)
The transmission of this programmed information within the AquaKat to the target water causes the water to vibrate and come into resonance, altering the molecular behaviour (clusters) of the water. This process does not consume the energy of the AquaKat in any way which just keeps on working.
WATER TICK (70 x 70 px) (50 x 50 px)
AquaKat works on the total vitalisation and physical cleanliness of the water. Properties within the water are changed. Pollution levels and possible harmful information relating to them are eliminated. The order and structure of a natural healthy spring water quality is returned to the water
WATER TICK (70 x 70 px) (50 x 50 px)
The device can simply be mounted/clipped onto the water pipe (no plumbing required). The AquaKat can also be effective by placing the device next to a water container or drinking bottle.

Additional benefit - AquaKat can remove lime & rust build-up


Limescale can form in hot water tanks, hot water heating systems, appliances and in commercial/industrial/agricultural operations - especially where water us recirculated or heated.

Water is an ideal solvent, therefore an additional benefit of water revitalising with the AquaKat is that limescale build-up inside water pipes can dissolve and does not re-form. The reason for this is that the water regains its natural capability to hold dissolved mineral substances as microscopic particles.

Similarly, rust in steel pipes may be dissolved and washed away like other substances in the water, instead of accumulating or staining fixtures.

  • Limescale and rust removal
  • Less corrosion and protection of pipes and appliances
  • Increased hygiene/sanitation as prevents build-up of sedimentation in pipes
  • Permanent improved function - water retains vitality even when stationary in the system

Revolutionary water purification and vitalisation