Installing AquaKat is easy. No plumbing required.

AquaKat is simply mounted/clamped onto the main intake water pipe. 

The AquaKat should be installed with the mounting clamp after the water meter and the pressure reducer. A free length of pipe is required to fit the AquaKat, depending on the size of the device selected (max. 20cm). There is no interference with the pipe system as the AquaKat will be clamped to the pipe. The pipe should be clean and free of corrosion.

For the AquaKat S (100L / day) use the included velcro strap/metal bracket to attach the device to the tap or the water pipe. For the AquaKat L the included metal clip should be used or plastic cable ties.

The AquaKat can also be effective by placing the device next to a water container or drinking bottle.

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Detailed installation instructions accompany each AquaKat model, example for the 2" device can be found at the button below.

Need extra installation information?

Check our our FAQ installation section for more detailed information, or feel free to contact us.


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