Spring quality water from any tap/water outlet with AquaKat devices

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AQK8 (1080 x 500 px)

Using revolutionary Swiss Technology that changes the structure of the water molecule, AquaKat devices enable spring quality water from any tap/water outlet.

The result is fresh, quality spring water without the need for any filtration system.










WATER TICK (70 x 70 px) (50 x 50 px)
Changes the structure of the water molecule , plus the information and memory contained within the water. This alters the harmful effects of ingredients and toxic elements of the water.
WATER TICK (70 x 70 px) (50 x 50 px)
Tastes great and increases alkalinity (elevated pH) resulting in overall physical well-being.
WATER TICK (70 x 70 px) (50 x 50 px)
Optimises solubility and higher absorption capacity of mineral substances in the water.

Why is it so important to drink healthy water?

On average, the human body contains 60-75% water. Most of the water in our body is contained inside our cells, tissues and organs. Cells need living vital water to be healthy. Only water in its correct structure has the ability to penetrate the blood/brain barrier to fully nourish the cells.
AquaKat is a unique device that alters the properties of water and changes the memory of unhealthy components contained in water, like chemicals and heavy metals, to supply cells with the perfectly formed crystal structure water molecules.
It's essential for our wellbeing that we consume balanced quality water, which AquaKat can deliver.

Revolutionary water purification and vitalisation